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nature immerison

All you need is the willingness to be fascinated

SouthShore Nature Immersion is part of an Off Grid education and demonstration Homestead using  mindful design and Environmental stewardship to responsibly use and protect the natural environment through conservation management systems  and sustainable practices.  Our goal is to  inspire and teach these principals and actions to all who are interested.

Now more than ever, access to natural spaces is critical for self and community well-being.

     We are dedicated to helping you                 connect to land and wild spaces.                                 

WE  are deeply interested in the history and biology of plants, and understanding their role within our lives and the planet itself. Plants are an important element of our ecosystem and without them we would cease to exist. We aim to educate and inspire our visitors to deepen their appreciation for the natural world we live in.

 We care about the environment and our community.

WE do everything we can to preserve it by living sustainably and mindfully.

Our mission is be apart of a local sustainable community and economy that values conservation, restoration and Justice. 

"The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man."
-Author Unknown

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To find out more about our Nature Immersion walks, talks, and paddles.

These are beginner to immediate walks. Childern aren't only welcomed they are encouraged.

All Hikes and Paddles 
$30 per person

Children are only $5 dollars extra when accompanied by an Adult. 
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