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SouthShore Botanicals

 Wild  Flora Farm & Design Studio

Local Seasonal Blooms.   Regenerative Design.  

 Spring Bouquet

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Hi!! I'm Melanie Dunn! I'm so glad your Here! Im so excited to share with you the beauty of the SouthShore.

Having grown up in a greenhouse, just like my dad grow up in his dads greenhouse.

I feel the Earths Flora Deep within my bones.

When we were not in the greenhouse, we were tending and admiring the days work in the garden.  

And when I wasn't helping Dad I was climbing the banks of the Apple River. I remember being in AWE of the gaint White Pines. That in AWE feeling has never left. That is the inspiration behind my design. 

I design Bouquets Like I design Gardens always with that Natural Landscape in mind. The land we are on matters and my designs reflect that.

My designs also reflect this life long love of Earths Flora.

Embracing the Wild and the Pretty. 

 I am student of  Indigious and Regenerative Farming practices and I am deeply interested in Native Plant Community Restoration and the Healing power of plants. 


Studio & Shop

@ Ehlers Store

88545 Superior St

Cornucopia, WI 54827


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Homestead & Farm

Herbster, WI 

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