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Elevating Local Flora


Our signature style is seamless and natural. Our designs rely heavily on what is in season and can be locally sourced. We aim to work within the environment and compliment our surroundings to create an organic feel. Our goal is to design something artful and sophisticated. We value unique textures and heirloom varieties as these ingredients allow us to stay away from trendy looks to keep our designs fresh and elevated.

 We practice abstract floral sculpture, fine art installation, and undone garden design styles. We grow,  forage, and source local for all our ingredients whenever possible. We are not a traditional style florist and do not use floral foam.

Naturally Elevated Design

We proudly serve Duluth, MN, Superior,WI, Bayfield Co., WI, & Ashland, WI, and Iron River/Delta Lakes Area

Offerings include:
 Weddings and
Events Florals, Celebration of Life Florals, Seasonal Bouquets and Arrangements, Holiday Specials


Spring 6 weeks  $160

Summer 8 weeks $240

Fall 6 weeks $180

All the Flowers $500

All Bouquets are delivered 


Locally Grown 



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