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Land Assessments and Maintenance

SouthShore Botanicals provides Land Assessments and  Maintenance that restores, protects and

 preserves the biodiversity of native plant communities.


Why Natives

Over Thousands of years, wild plants have grown naturally, adapting to each regions unique environmental conditions. When grown in your garden, natives plants bring beauty and excitement to your yard, creating a welcoming sanctuary that can be enjoyed at home along with many other benefits. 

Natives are sustainable, adapted to thrive in your regions soils and weather conditions.

Landscaping with native plants restores a healthy, natural environment and creates wildlife habitat. Many Natives are deep rooted, slowing down stromwater and improving water quality as well as reducing erosion, carbon and excess nutrients. 


SouthShore Botanicals mission is to connect you with Native plant communities. 

Land Assessment


Land Maintenance & Professional Gardening Services

$100 (minimum)

$50  per hour per person

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